The Paper Pilot


I'm Anthony Lawn, or "The Paper Pilot", and I develop free, open source programs and games in my spare time, using a variety of languages and engines. I'm currently working towards my B.S. in Computer Science, after which I plan to go on to earning a Masters degree in the same, with a focus on Data Science.

Why are most of your projects free and open source?

I really liked playing free online games growing up, but most of those sites have died- Armor games peaked in 2010! I do not believe mobile games have the same effect since, as a kid playing a game on a phone, you can't just think "This is fun I want to make one of these" unless you also have a computer. I believe there needs to be a new generation of sites with free online games (like!) to inspire the next generation of game developers and computer scientists. That's why I want to make free online games anyone can play, and see how they work. No credit cards or even admin privileges required. All free, and open source. Enjoy :)

Dice Armor

Roll your armor, attack your opponent, and seize victory in this dice dueling game. Collect dice with varying abilities, elements, and stats as you play through an action-packed adventure! I was the lead programmer on a team of nine creating this game in a semester long college course.

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Babble Buds

A free, open source virtual puppet show engine for pixi.js and unity, as well as an accompanying electron-based software suite. Use it for enhancing your digital tabletop roleplaying game, creating silly videos, or even cutscenes in a videogame!

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Tower Offense

A game made in 48 hours for the 4th Annual Chillenium at Texas A&M University. It was made by Team NaN, consisting of Anthony Lawn, Grant Barbee, Hudson Bielstein, and Daniel Casper. The theme was “Role Reversal”.

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Scripting for Games

A collection of projects made for my Scripting for Games course.

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Slime Chargers!

A game made for Ludum Dare 39 about using slimes to charge crystals.

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A game made in 48 hours for the 3rd Annual Chillenium at Texas A&M University. It was made by Anthony Lawn and Grant Barbee. The theme was “foofaraw”, which basically means to make a big deal about nothing.

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Shape Tycoon

Shape Tycoon is a game made for Ludum Dare 35 where you play as a shape that can shift between several geometric objects in order to entertain an audience. Try to become so popular the entire world is your audience!

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Fourth Order

A game made in under 48 hours for UT Dallas’ SGDA Spring 2016 Game Jam! A match-3 puzzle RPG, reminiscent of Puzzle Quest.

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Solar TD

A game inspired by Onslaught TD, an old flash game. Now its in HTML5 and in space, with some other new mechanics. Made in 24 hours for the libGDX game jam.

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