Dice Armor


Dice Armor is a game that started development as a semester long project by a team of nine: a producer, a creative director, a narrative writer, an artist, two programmers, and 3 game designers. The information here is about my contributions as one the lead programmer over the course of the semester, because I can show off stuff like the editor scripts I wrote. I was doing everything from interface coding, editor scripts, integrating Babble Buds, and of course everything related to the gameplay itself. To date I’m still the lead programmer for the game; for more up to date information on the current state of the game please visit the official site.

The build available here was created for showing off at the end of the semester, and as such has some buttons present to make the game easier to skip parts of the game in order to see all the contect: You start with all the dice in the game already in the shop, there’s a button to give yourself free money to buy these dice with, and in the duel there are buttons to force a win or a loss, which can be used to skip the tutorial (not recommended for first time players).

c# unity